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We meet Lazy film

Lights in Rome like you have never seen before

ROmap – Roma Interactive Light Festival, now at its second edition, concerns the new frontiers of digital art and its astonishing transformations to the urban space. It has been an exciting journey being partner of the event. Some of the most established digital-artists transformed four historical locations in the very heart of Rome into a surreal and interactive walk through history and art. Working on such a big project involves spreading talent and thought through different areas and different problems. ROmap organization assembled a very talented multi-disciplinary team who worked tirelessly on the proposal. We are very grateful for the amount of effort and dedication each of them has put into this project, and are absolutely thrilled by the quality of the outputs we’ve produced together. Deep into our development of the concept it became clear to us that our exploration extended beyond the specific goal of creating and identity for the festival. It inevitably involved asking in what ways is was possible for visual communication to reflect and represent the principle of dynamism and interaction to the festival. We designed a dynamic toolkit that comes to life through the work of ROmap ambassadors and advocates. A system filled with color, pattern and motion, anchored by a solid grid and endless possibilities and adaptable to any content and to any communication touchpoints.

Client: Lazy film

Date: 2016

Tags: BrandingDigitalGraphic Identity

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